Rare Space Being Abduction Testimonies Video Clip

By | December 15, 2008
Rare Space Being Abduction Testimonies Video Clip

To be quite honest with you when i'm Outside and I walk and I see crowds of People on Wall Street in outsourced Street you know I look at them and I say To myself I wonder how many of them have Been exactly yeah it's just a flood I Don't know how many people there Actually are but i would estimate at Least at least in this country anywhere In the tens of thousands probably Morning the screen memory in the Classical psychological sense it means That the person sees a traumatic Dramatically frightening event and then Soften said by inventing some other Story but this is not that this is not Something that the person makes up Himself or herself this seems to be an Image which is externally imposed into That person's memory by the aliens Themselves It was just strange to me and then I Realized that they weren't wearing Goggles that was their eyes they weren't Wearing helmets that was a shape of Their heads The thing that they will always start to Draw first it's the eyes because the Eyes are so arresting it's difficult to Even her you might not remember anything Else but it will look at the eyes the Only thing I could really compare it to Is that they were like 1950s italian Wraparound sunglasses that went around

To the side of his head basically what What had happened was I was coming up The stairs and then the next thing I Remember was suddenly walking down the Street with these two very very tall Blond men with strange blue eyes how am I supposed to know what is coming out Into hypnosis were they dreams or was it Real maybe it's just dreams that have Been coming out on the hypnosis I could sound but again if we signed it Slowed down I looked over and both the Other guys in the band we're seeing it With your mouth open like OHS and one of Them was saying oh my god but again Freeside slowed down to me oh my god Like that I felt someone was pounding on My back and that's all I remembered After that everything was the next thing I knew I'm running through the living Room and I know what had happened I just Didn't remember what happened after that I'm ever seen the curtains like blow Over my head the first day was the Pounding on my back and then I I saw the Curtains like below over my head and That was all I remembered up until and Then I consciously remember running Through the living room and I thought my Children were gone because when I went In there they were on breathing what I Thought was the bedroom curtain at an Actuality was a nightgown that went over My head what the pounding on the back

Was I I think on one occasion I actually saw These using their forearms to move more Quickly that they were almost like Scurrying almost like an eight kind of Movement these didn't move that way I've Also seen these sort of another Particular characteristic I've seen some Of them move in like rock step like a Bunch of them in a row just moving Completely together as if all their Movements were completely coordinated They'll [ __ ] your head from side to side And also if they get excited these these Kind was their head will start like Bobbing or wobbling like that he didn't Actually walk he just seemed to kind of Float along which might be important in The animation the little ones were not The same how did the nucleus as I recall They move just kind of like us they like We're doing things they were busy moving Around whereas he just seemed to flow he Was very very graceful and they were not Particularly graceful they were more Like little little dentist workers or Something You The one thing that very clear in every Regression a terrible pain in my right Nostril and I believe what they did was They put an implant in which eventually Came out because I had a hole in my Right nostril that bled for about six

Months when I was 12 which was my only Physical evidence then someone one of Them comes over the meeting with this Thing that looks like a pic a dental Pick no he looks at me straight in the Eyes toys do you know that they look wet Your weapon what am I gonna do he comes Closer with his instrument he's putting It up my nose right now we're gonna turn That thing down very quickly it just Very quick announcer on board I guess I Can't describe it like this that if the If you were to look in the water you'd See part of the ship sort of like coming Out from underneath the water and then Part of it was in the in the ground so Sort of like half showing You You It came to about here yeah whether there Was more to it here just point if you Like because it went it went out like That and it was over there and I think That they moved my legs aside 24 so it Would have better access but come up to About here Well then the I didn't said I couldn't See anything else it was just there and I suddenly felt like a pressure Sensation in my around my kidneys and Then I like a moment later I felt I Didn't feel any excitement or any it Didn't feel sexual in ologist in the Next moment I had that sort of tender

Feeling that one has after one inside And ejaculate i figure now they're Shaking their their stiff they can't They they move fast kind of but they're Stiff the arms are like straight down With their sides I know I don't know whether it's like once Being tested or preserved or what that's Like being put into scenarios i've been Put it to film some of your bloomers on My cells in this situation Couple where I had to make a choice About Taking life or not taking life or work Or having to make terrible choices Maplin I'm a couple of feet with the bed and Just sort of settle down into it I'm Looking at my ink because it looks like There's all this spicy stuff all over There looking down it's all over the Middle of me This fuzzy stuff still on me but as I Move around and we're starting to move Around and it seems like evaporates okay I think at this point rusty going to Wake you up and we can come back to this Amount of time when I can't from five Back to one and one you'll be fully away A great sense of relief and great sense Of accomplishment a great sense of Putting the pieces together that haven't Made any sense up so five you're Starting to wake up for waking up three

Almost away to one fully awake how you Feel